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If you suffered property damage, lost income, business damage or other loss due to the Hurricane, you need a lawyer to represent your interests.

After a disaster on the scale of Sandy, insurers are overwhelmed. To curb losses, insurance companies often resort to disputes over damage assessments, delay tactics, and hiding behind policy details to weather the storm. Your insurer may declare damage as being flood or wind caused in an attempt to use policy loopholes to reduce what they pay to you. Our claims attorneys ensure that they don't play games with your compensation, and fight to ensure that you receive the compensation and consideration you deserve as a paid in full policy holder. If you feel you have not been treated as you should, it is time to use the form and contact a lawyer now.

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Hurricane Sandy Devastation Estimated $20 Billion

Did you suffer loss due to Hurricane Sandy? Property damage? You're not alone—nearly 50 million people are estimated to have been affected by the impact. Thousands of claims will be filed, the important question is: Will your voice be heard?

Property Damage

The damage caused by the storm surge was widespread, with businesses and personal property damaged or in some cases wiped out entirely. Insurance policies were paid so that you could get back on your feet after just such a catastrophe. It may stll take time and much effort, but your insurance payout is the first step towards replacing damaged property or restoring your business to pre-storm conditions.

One of the main purposes of your insurance was to get you back on your feet after suffering unexpected loss. Make sure the process is swift and complete.

Income Loss

In addition to damaged property, you may be entitled to compensation for lossed revenues and income suffered as a result of Sandy. Businesses that were put out of operation or saw a drop in income may have recourse with their insurer. Our attorneys can help ensure you maximize your legally entitled compensation.

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